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All treatments begin with an assessment of the condition of the object. Often there are different levels of treatment to be considered. The choice of treatment is then discussed with the client to come up with the best possible approach that meets the needs of the object and the clients expectations and budget.


During conservation analysis treatment, every effort is made to preserve an object's original integrity. Reversible techniques are used whenever possible. Randall Studio upholds the AIC Code of Ethics and guidelines for Practice.


Gilding of new modern objects to reproduce traditional gilded finishes is also a specialty. Gilding interior and exterior architectural elements. Work may be done in the studio or onsite as required, for private, commercial and government properties.


Treatments include:

  • cleaning

  • structural repairs

  • surface consolidating and protection

  • reconstruction of lost or damaged ornamentation

  • carving and casting

  • resizing of picture frames

  • ingilding with the appropriate karat leaf

  • toning repairs to match original surface or a historically accurate finish as necessary



Documentation for personal, commercial or insurance purposes:

  • condition analysis and evaluations

  • treatment proposals

  • conservation surveys

  • collections assessment

Surfaces that can be gilded:

  • wood & plaster

  • metal & stone

  • glass & plastic

  • paint and laquer

Gilding of interior architectial ornaments in a residential home
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